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We cover matchsticks. Things like strike anywhere matches, bamboo matchstick blinds, the history of Chinese matches, fly matchstick airplanes, matchstick rockets, bridge designs, matchitecture & more.


Match sticks

A match is typically a wooden stick (usually sold in match boxes) or stiff paper stick (usually sold in matchbooks) coated at one end (the match head) with a material often containing the element phosphorus, which will ignite from the heat of friction if rubbed ("struck") against a suitable surface.

There are two main types of matchsticks: safety matches (strike-on-box), which can be struck only against a specially prepared surface; and strike-anywhere matches, for which any solid surface can be used.

The first version of a match was invented in the year 577 AD by impoverished court ladies during a military siege, in the short-lived Chinese kingdom of the Northern Qi. There is no evidence of matches in Europe before 1530. Therefore, the Chinese were using them for just short of a thousand years before they arrived in Europe.

A matchbox is a small box, usually of cardboard, in which matches are kept. To be more specific, a match box is any type of box, usually of cardboard, that was intended to contain matches and last long enough for the matches to be used. The most common type of matchbox consists of an outerbox and innerbox.

A matchbook is a small cardboard container (matchcover) that holds a quantity of matches inside and has a coarse striking surface on the exterior. A flap on the front is lifted to access the matches, which are attached to the interior base in a comb-like pattern and must be torn away before use. (In the matchbox, by contrast, the matches are arranged loosely in the interior tray.)

Harry potters hogwarts school (Click to enlarge)
Harry Potter's Hogwarts School made out of 602,000 matchsticks

Some people show their creativity by making small pieces of artwork from match sticks. Many match sticks when arranged together can form specific shapes and drawings. There have been many brain storming puzzles and quizzes developed on pieces of match sticks. Small wall pieces or pen stand are carved out of an arrangement of match sticks are easily available in any handicraft shop and considered very artistic. Hence the matchsticks are very small things but very important to all of us.

Strike Anywhere MatchesStrike Anywhere - Strike anywhere matches are matches which are designed to ignite when struck against a wide variety of surfaces. They can be somewhat dangerous, and in some regions they are restricted items.

Bamboo Matchstick BlindsBamboo Blinds - Bamboo matchstick blinds are woven wood window shades that come from a long tradition of skilled craftwork. These natural blinds are made from bamboo matchsticks and will filter the light and cut down on much of the glare.

Chinese MatchesChinese Matches - Chinese Matches were the first matches invented and were in use for just short of a thousand years before they arrived in Europe. Today, there are several China manufacturers of all kinds of matches.

Fly Matchstick AirplaneFly Matchstick Airplane - Building a matchstick airplane is one thing. Building a matchstick airplane powered by flies is another. This HOW TO explains the creation of a Fly Matchstick Airplane.

Matchstick RocketsMatchstick Rockets - Matchstick Rockets are fully functional rockets that you can build in minutes from common household materials. They are also quite safe since each rocket is constructed from just one solitary little paper match.

Matchstick Bridge DesignsMatchstick Bridge Designs - Replicas of London Tower Bridge, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and River Tyne Swing Bridge are all examples of matchstick bridge designs by hobbyists. Their construction may range from a few hundred to over 1 million matchsticks.

MatchitectureMatchitecture - Matchitecture is a construction model hobby concept invented in the early 90's by a notable model kit maker Roland Quinton. The matchsticks used in Matchitecture are called microbeams.

Matchstick PuzzleMatchstick Puzzle - A matchstick puzzle is a rearrangement puzzle in which a number of matchsticks are arranged as squares, rectangles or triangles. The puzzles are not all solved in the same way, they require a bit of lateral thinking.

Match BoxMatch Box - A match box is any type of box, usually of cardboard, that was intended to contain matches and last long enough for the matches to be used. The most common type of matchbox consists of an outerbox and innerbox.

Start a Fire Without MatchesFire Without Matches - There a plenty of ways to start a fire without matches as long as you have the proper tools and a little patience. Here are several different methods to make a fire.

Matchstick MenMatchstick Men - Matchstick Men can refer to the 2003 movie based on the novel by Eric Garcia about con men with issues, or to a 1978 song by Brian & Michael, or a 1968 song by Status Quo.

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An igniting match (Click to enlarge)
An Igniting Match

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